We believe in capturing life & love, just as it is - unique, real, & beautiful in its own special way. No two people or relationships are alike & we think everyone has their own one-of-a-kind story just waiting to be told.

If you are looking for photography that focuses on the beauty of the special moments that unfold on your wedding day, the overflowing love & excitement as you welcome your new child into the world, or simply want photos of your family as you have come to know & love them, you have come to the right place.

There are no overly-staged scenes or fake moments here - just good, honest photography that brings out the best of your own unique story.

For us, it all began in photography school where group projects, carpooling, & teaming up to process endless rolls of film turned into a great friendship, & eventually our very own love story. We were an inseparable team, exploring the world together through the lenses of our cameras, & with the hectic schedule that comes along with college life, we spent a lot of time bonding over vending machine lunches, way too much fast food after late nights in the lab, & in any spare second we managed to find, playing copious amounts of video games. :)

We graduated with degrees in commercial photography, but the more time we spent photographing inanimate objects for ads & catalogs, the more we realized our passion for photographing people, relationships, & love in all its many different forms.

We started a wedding & portrait photography business together in 2007 & here we are, all these years later, still writing our own love story & having a great time documenting other people's stories along the way.